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Brazilian Hammocks Are The Most Secure

According to folklore, hammocks were invented by the Indians of Brazil for the primary purpose of sleeping. Even today hammocks are a huge part of the lives of Brazilians. In the northeastern Brazilian state of Ceara nearly 50% of the population has never slept in a bed as this is where most of the hand-woven hammocks are made. They offer advantages such as protection from insects as well as offering the ability to sleep above the wet ground. They save space and are very easy to store and maintain.

They are tightly woven out of 100% cotton fiber and the edges normally offer a beautiful crocheted fringe. Brazilian hammocks are some of the most beautiful available today due to the bright colors and styles that are offered. This art of weaving hammocks is passed down from one generation to the other and provides employment to much of the people in the area. Machine made hammocks may be a dime a dozen but the ones that are handmade are recognized from a distance due to their incredible eye-catching beauty.

Hammocks are not only used as sleeping apparatuses but are also very comfortable as chairs as well. Normal hammocks do not have spreader bars and the patterns that are used will allow air ventilation from below the weave even though this weave is tighter than hammocks that are made in other areas of the world. Brazilian hammocks are considered to be more appropriate for cooler climates and offer a great amount of security because it is nearly impossible to fall out of one.

Even though most of the hammocks do not have spreader bars it is not unusual to find one in Brazil that does. Crocheted edges make each Brazilian hammock appear to be a work of art. In addition they are larger in size and because of this they can offer a greater amount of comfort. In traditional times Brazilians would lie diagonally in these hammocks because this provided more room for sleeping. This happened because the hammock spread out even more while lying in this position. Brazilian hammocks are well-known all over the world as the best sleeping hammocks that one can buy.

Ancient Brazilian custom says that a newborn baby was placed in a hammock and continued use of these for the rest of their lives. Custom also goes on to say that he was buried in his own hammock upon death.

One can find Brazilian hammocks in retail outlets which sell travel gear and home accessories. You can also order one at various websites online. Ordering one online offers the ability to see thousands of designs, shapes and colors. This may be the best way to order a hammock.

Brazilian hammocks are well known as banana hammocks or hamacas. Being strong and durable, Brazilian hammocks are very versatile and have been known to be used in verandas, patios and even indoors as a bed substitute. Many people who enjoy jungle treks or camping take hammocks with them because of the convenience of being able to roll them up and carry them with them. Hammocks can be small enough for one person, two people or an entire family.

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