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Satin Ribbon – Five Ways To Use It When Crafting

One of the most sensuous materials to use, the satin ribbon is more versatile than many crafters realize. Usable for far more than just wrapping around presents, party favors and diaper cakes, it has recently become a favorite medium to use for all kinds of jewelry and other craft projects, some of which we will cover for you in this article.

Hair Bows

A timeless craft that has stood the test of time, making your own hair bows with a satin ribbon can be a lot of fun, and a great way to try your hand at mixing craft mediums. You can use ribbons of any size and width for this project, and you will need some craft glue and plain barrettes. You can tie medium and large ribbons into bows before affixing them to the barrettes, for the standard hair bow. You can also dress them up with charms, wooden beads, crystals and rhinestones for extra bling. Another fun style is to crochet the ribbons as you would yarn, and drape several chains of different colors for a stylish statement.

Handmade Beads

Another fun project that you can do with any length of satin ribbon is to use them to make your own beads. Using a process that is similar to forging beads out of clay, you can make beads of any shape that you can make by wrapping the ribbon around an object. You will need a length of ribbon, preferably of a small width, craft glue, and a toothpick, fireplace matchstick or pencil. Which stick you use depends on how big you want the hole in the bead to be. For small gauge holes, use the toothpick, medium gauge uses the matchstick, and the pencil would be for a larger gauge. Wrap the ribbon tightly around, and anchor the finishing end with the craft glue. Slide the bead off of the stick once the glue dries.


One of the simplest jewelry projects that you can make with a satin ribbon has to be the classic Victorian style choker. Consisting solely of a medium to large width ribbon and a cabochon, you can tie the ends to finish it, or use a preferred type of clasp. For the classic version, use a cameo as the centerpiece, with a contrasting color of ribbon to set it off.

Handmade Pendants

Making this kind of jewelry accent out of a satin ribbon allows you to show off your crochet or weaving skills at the same time. Using small widths of ribbon, use a crochet hook or jewelry loom to create the desired shape. Classic favorites are the wreath, heart, circle, square and rectangle. You can dress these up by weaving seed beads of various colors into the mix, or tiny crystals.

Multi-medium Chains

Some jewelry makers like to use up any scraps that they might have left over from other projects, and using ribbon will help you to create some beautiful multi-medium chains. If you have short lengths of chain, use the ribbon to link them altogether, along with rogue beads and charms that would not make a whole piece.

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